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From the upcoming 80's Babies album Tall Black and Dee Jackson express there feelings about the current climate in America and the way they've viewed issues in general


A little part of me
Died with Mike Brown,
And was hard for me to breathe
When Eric Garner hit the ground,
No justice no peace
The soundtrack of the town,
And some was frustrated
Felt the need to burn it down,
And we will rise again
Only the way that we lift,
And all the time
in the back of my mind Is 3/5,
I never stopped praying
But I'm sick of protesting,
Was born into war
But they gave me no weapon,
Angry black man right
Always so aggressive,
Turn the other cheek
Or get smacked with oppression,
My pops taught me at a young age
How to see,
And certain rules of the world
Don't apply to me ,
They didn't have us in mind
When it was written,
I guess we asked for it
Just by having skin pigment,
Never been to jail
But police know me well,
Dollars on stash
Just in case I need bail,
Red and blue lights
I try hard to keep my distance,
a brotha like me
Always fit the description,
Why is that
I'm still scratching my head,
And hoping I don't end up
Accidentally dead,
I'm disgusted
My mind has adjusted,
That justice applies to everyone
But us,
Whether black on black
Or a modern day lynching,
Gods law not y'all's
I kinda see the dissension,
A change never came Sam Cooke
Peep the tension,
And folks only righteous
For retweets and mentions,
Leadership is lacking yall
We need organize,
Mobilize, strategize
And aim towards the sky,
We fell for the trap
And now I can't stand it,
Tried to ask nice
But it's time we demand it,
Come together
Or forever be mistreated,
The people united
Will never be defeated,


released December 7, 2014
Produced by Tall Black Guy written by Dee Jackson



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80's Babies Chicago

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