I Digress

by 80's Babies

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The first single from the upcoming 80's Babies album (Tall Black Guy & Dee Jackson) ...... we felt like there were some things we needed to address...I Digress


Yo why you try to
Save the world,
Every time you grab the mic
You never try to sing for girls,
Talking all that politics and tricks
Not concerning us,
I see you with the chicks and fly kicks
but never turning up, (what up with that)
So my reply
I'm a simple guy indeed,
So fly I stay high
Without the Molly coke and weed,
Gotta save the streets
So these kids imma touch em,
Do it by any means
Like Betty Shabazz husband,
My daughters getting older
Streets getting colder,
And as my status grow
These young ladies getting bolder,
Yes they love me
They comfortable with Dee,
I am s(o)ew in with these women
Like there weave,
It's me,
I'm who they looking for
Like I resemble Lionel Richie,
Super dupa fly
Not Preist or Missy,
The Dee Jack attack with Tall Black
In the city,
Yeah I'm charming
My momma always said so,
I just need to let go
(But!!) ,
The feeling was so Devine
And shorty was looking fine,
But I ain't wanna do it
Like they said it's for the vine,
All up under my arms
With the time she's Forcing,
I decided the clipper
Like DeAndre Jordan,
Block her like Ibaka
Cuz she stalking where I'm walking,
Chasing me like vodka
Thinking Cathy Bates often ,
I'm paranoid
She got me hiding homes ,
I ain't got Kevin's Hart
Refuse to ride along ,
Not the right fit
we Possess different standards,
clueless cuz neither she or Sway Got the answers,
Trying to make me fall
Naw I've been known to stand up,
Never getting nailed
Done dealing with these hammers,
Don't hurt em
They threatened by my person,
Claim love but still throwing shade
Is it curtains,
For a brother trying win
That's for certain,
But they don't even want me at the game like Don Sterling,
But pay no mind
Cuz I'm too busy scoring,
I make my own rules
I'm walking with Chuck Norris,
Fanning out the flames
No more fires in forest,
A Chicago Bear
Don't you try and eat my porridge,
I'm just a rapper with a plan
Trying to reach em all,
Revolution on my mind
Screaming free em all,
not behind bars
In the pen,
Mind right so I'm focused on bars
With the pen,
But I ain't aiming for the throne
So you can miss me ,
It's forever all good
Just don't diss me,
I'm mixed with Nas Redman
Thought and Biggie,
3 stacks 2pac Common
Pun and 50,
Ice Cube jacking beats
Is what I'm talking bout,
Murda mook Lux hollow da don
And slaughterhouse ,
Don't diss me
I said it twice let it stick,
Don't diss me
The third time don't forget,
I'm walking not talking
Never backing off,
Beast mode like Marshawn
Bout that action boss,
But it's cool
Just removing it from my chest,
Venting while spitting on this track
So I digress ,


released September 6, 2014
Tall Black Guy & Dee Jackson



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80's Babies Chicago

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