Not For Sale

by 80's Babies

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Your soul should NEVER be sold!!!!


i was told
if i ever wanted to blow,
then i would have to sell
my soul,
never speak logic
if you wanna see a profit,
and scale down that GOD talk
you cant be a prophet,
stop it
all them dope beats and hot lyrics,
might as well be locked away
the mass we never hear it,
unless walk to the dark side
i know i sounds taint,
and shake that faith
like a can of spray paint,
cuz everybody hear you
but they they don't wanna listen,
who cares about catholics, muslims
or christians,
check your favorite rappers
then you'll come around,
it's because of me
they can say they run this town,
will you dumb it down
so we can live in the shade,
sipping lemonade
and we can all get paid,
don't be afraid
how can i persuade,
you're only 1 man
you can't go to everyones aid,
you ask me
you the one living like a slave,
working for the people
what you trying to be brave?,
you need to roll with me
and don't cause a prob,
or you can fall back
and get a regular job,
all that little noise
and the money that you making,
wont phase me i'm solid
i aint breaking,
forever slept on
the mass public aint waking,
and if they do
imma come back and take it,
now you feeling like Aloe Blacc
cuz you need a dollar,
boy you better walk with a 9
like Iguodala,
you aint even trying to here the barter,
i'll be popping my collar
while you praying to the father,
talking bout the grown folks
need to teach the youth,
forget about the truth
you can't save them from the booth,
bubble gum rap stars
counting those bills,
you down in the basement
perfecting your skills,
you got flow
but they will never know,
and if you haven't noticed
i run this show,
NYC west coast
to the GO,
through the sleet rain
sunshine and the snow,
i dwell in hell
and i will never rest,
no i'm not the devil
but he signs my checks,
for all this cash
cars ice,
whats a couple words
and a human sacrifice,
i think you got it wrong
this the real paradise,
you cant put a price
on this life, 3X

before i sell my soul
best believe son imma quit,
cuz i aint down with illuminati
or the Baphomet,
politics as usual
no it's not beautiful,
i don't think it's doable
the feeling aint mutual,
secret society
all that bang bang shoot em up,
i praise GOD
i don't work for lucifer,
all up in my veins
acknowledge that he made me,
you looking suspect
so don't cross me like Israelis,
i've been blessed
so the glory i gotta give,
don't tell me
imma stop being positive,
i aint got the fame
im my mind imma let it go,
and it's no secret most of yall are bi-sexual,
going both ways
like traffic on the creep,
so no it's not for me
i'm a one way street,
i'm thinking bout the future
of the girls and the boys and,
please stop feeding our youth
this poison,
i'm talking to the selfish
bitter and ungrateful,
hollywood DC
and major record labels,
promoting that garbage
i'm fighting for the streets,
so that's a sweet offer
but i kindly decline,
these words from the heart
you aint messing with my rhyme,
my ancestors fought
so that i could be taught,
no i'm not for sale
so i cant be bought,


released June 12, 2011
Produced by T. Wallace for Tall Black Guy Productions
Written by D. Jackson For 80's Babies Ent.



all rights reserved


80's Babies Chicago

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